Yedinci Ev, Why their latest album Simdi is such a success

Conscious of their increasing popularity, up and coming Turkish band Yedinci Ev wanted as natural a sound as they could get for their new album Simdi. They spoke to several audio engineers before asking Alen Konakoglu to produce, record and mix the album available on iTunes here.

Alen was the natural choice for Yedinci Ev (meaning 7th House in English) for several good reasons. Firstly, he had studied audio engineering at the Musicians Institute of Sound Engineering in Los Angeles, which lead him to work at Chick Corea’s famous Mad Hatter Studio also in LA with some great audio engineers and artists. There are not many audio engineers in Istanbul with an international vibe, an element that differentiates him from many of his peers.
“They reached me through their drummer, I used to play drums for Duman a famous Turkish rock band some years ago. We agreed to meet and when they came to the recording studio and I heard the music, it was really good. Recorded live during a rehearsal, it was almost sounding like a record.”
Alen agreed to work with the band and the album Simdi (meaning Now) was recorded at “thekulube” studios in Istanbul.
“Recording with no overdubs, no edits and some additional acoustic guitars was how the songs had to be recorded, we wanted that live feel. The band had been rehearsing constantly before coming to record so all we needed to do was mic up.”
A point that many of us must remember when we next go to the recording studio – practice makes perfect!
“We started the whole process by recording all of the songs, took a break and then listened back to all them all, discussing together how we could bring some new ideas to the music.”

The audio mixer Alen Konkoglu posing in his studio with Yedinici Ev

This pre-recording/production session took ten days with one song per day and discussion to complete, and it paid off.
“Armed with the new ideas we started to record each song again, I used SSL, Golden Age and Focusritemıcpre’s to record the ınstruments and drums and a CV12 tube condenser microphone for Birkan’s lead vocals. We all have our favorite mic’s for the drums but to get the punch on the kick drum I also used a sub kick. We spent another 10 days recording and perhaps another 8 days were spent on the vocals alone.“
A marathon session of 15 hours on average a day, but the mixing process was to take as long.
“It took me about 15 days to mix all of the tracks which included long listening sessions. The most important thing about the mix was sonic and stereo image as being only a three-pıece band I had to get that big wıde sound with a lot of frequencies to fill. I added vintage warmth to the mix on the master buss with a tape saturator and NLSbuss from waves. Generally speaking on the drums master channel I used l CLA 2A and for the bass I used CLA76 compressor. The Guitars have touches of EQ in placesbut hardly any compression as I was working with real musicians who can control the dynamics of their instruments. Honestly, it was fun working with Yedinci Ev, great musıcıans wıth great attitude and although It may have taken a little time to produce, record and mix, everybody was really happy with the results – especially the fans.”

So happy that the band went and shot a video of one of the songs from the album called Eninde Sonunda – Alen explained;
“EnindeSonunda (meaning eventually) is a great song and one that had been really liked by the Turkish fans. Making a video of it made it the natural choice.”

“The band are really active at this time with several concerts in Istanbul and planning a tour of Turkey. Whilst the band have been talking about another album there are plans to shoot another video”
Alen did not tell us if this was a new song for a future album or when the video would take place but we are sure you can find out more the impending video at Yedinci Ev.

You can read more about Alen Konakoglu and his audio online mixing services at mixing Audio Pros.

By Richard Lake

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