Why and what is mixingAudioPros.com

As the internet and technology have allow artists, musicians, producers and independent label’s greater distribution of music and the speed and ease at which it is created; so has general consumer demand increased. This demand has been  stimulated by a greater number of digital radio and TV stations, home 5.1 entertainment systems, computers, tablets and media smart phones in conjunction with roaming access to social-websites such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, MySpace and CD Baby.

Artists have grasped today’s technological advances and software applications, that has allowed them to create their music, to a certain extent, literally “in-house” and online. During the creative process, the use of a professional audio recording studio is sometimes necessary (not to mention fun), however time and money are precious and artists understand that with today’s technology they can still attain a reasonable musical quality.

With more and more people writing music than ever before (and the number is only growing), so are the numbers of artists trying to record, produce, distribute, seek recognition and communicate directly with their fans through the available online social networks. This method of distribution and the sites created to assist the artist, has resulted in varying levels of success that has only gone to fuel the number of artists recording and searching for recognition or further their recognition; even main stream artists.

Whilst distribution is a relatively simple process, recognition against the competition has proven problematic for many, which may simply be due to the quality of the final mix. Perhaps, the artist does not have access to the equipment, modern creative mixing techniques, acoustic environment or does not sonically visualise the need for mastering; carving through those mischievous frequencies in the stereo image of the mix to “cut through” the competition.

mixingAudioPros was created to provide a credible and transparent provider of audio online services, not through one studio or one engineer, but through a global database of audio engineers based in professional recording studios around the world. Professional engineers that can assist musicians, artists, producers and independent label’s during the creative process, but remain cost effective through an online process.

mixingAudioPros allows the visitor the time to review different engineers in terms of their professional experience, preferred musical genres, historical client/artist base, equipment, acoustic environment, location and ultimately the online audio services that each engineer offers and the price of that service. mixingAudioPros can also arrange studio time with an engineer if the visitor (artist) wishes to record a track before mixing and mastering.

mixingAudioPros offers today audio mixing and audio mastering services with the possibility of “mix and master” bundles being tailored for artists. Over time, as the number of audio engineers increases, it expected that the type of online audio services offered will diversify, so that commercial clients requiring Audio for Film, TV, Radio, Podcast, audio books, Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR’s), Webinars, Corporate Events, Sound to Picture (games and other), sound design and Theatre can use the engineers of mixingAudioPros.

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