Wallpaper – Hesher (Kairo Kingdom remix) mixed by Lukas Rimbach

Hesher is a single off Wallpapers album “Ricky Reed is Real” that can be purchased on iTunes.

Kairo Kingdom were booked for the Vans Warped Tour which featured Wallpaper and were asked to remix the song explained Lukas.

“The song is actually co-produced by ThankYouKid which is one half produced by Patrick Faubert a good friend of mine. I told Patrick how much I loved the song and I was asked to mix the song especially as I am known for an urban touch – that’s my kind of thing”

Kairo Kingdom gave Lukas a lot of freedom and the whole mix took no more than a day.

“Patrick sneaked in the control room and removed a distortion plug-in that caused some uneven under-tones – that’s all the changes they made, so I guess they liked the end result”

We think so – listen to the mix below.

“These guys (Kairo Kingdom) really know their stuff. I knew that the urban element and dubstep sounds are really important to the song, however as I have worked with Patrick before,I also understood the type of result he and Kairo Kingdom would be looking for.”

As for the equipment – Lukas loves to use his FATSO on the drum.

“The 808’s went through my 1073 and 1176 channelstrip that I had built by Steffen Müller here in Germany. It’s a awesome little box. I like to overdrive the input use the EQ and then compress the hell out of it using the 1176. I think the kick was compressed by my BAE 10DC. Everything else was done in the box as far as I remember. I used Izotopes, Trash 2, pretty heavily on the synths since it just makes them jump out really good.”

To find out more about Lukas Rimbach, have a look at Lukas Rimbach‘s profile on mixing Audio Pros!

For those who do not know the original track of Hesher then listen to the video below.

By Richard Lake

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