Finally is officially launched

 After months of discussion about the concept and more importantly, what artists and visitors really need when using online audio services; finally mixingAudioPros is officially launched.

 We felt it was important to look at the design and services offered from the visitors view point, be they musicians, producers or small indie labels as well as the engineers featured on the site. The recurring question we asked ourselves was “what would be the best way for visitors to interact with the site as well as present and guide those visitors through the engineers, their services and how the site works”. It was our aim to simplify the process and make it as elegant and intelligent as possible within the budget.

Credibility is everything, and we understood that visitors would not use our services if they did not trust our site and the audio services offered. It was important therefore that the site showed real engineers working in professional studios. Engineers who work for a living on the services they offered on the site with an easily understandable pricing structure. We thought that this was a good starting point.

 We also realized that we had to show more than just engineers. We wanted to show the visitor that mixingAudioPros also was run by real people and were surprised at the positive views of people that we spoke to who also agreed that it would be important to have a contact face. We wanted visitors to see who worked for the site and that visitors could relate and talk to directly to them about their audio requirements, be they mixing, mastering or other. Simply, we did not want to forget that this is a service industry.

 We looked at other professional and credible audio online offers and saw that most sites represented just one engineer or an independent studio. We spoke to more people, who found the idea of a database of freelance or in-house engineers based from the recording studios they work from really interesting. It also meant that mixingAudioPros would be seen as unbiased and independent, something that we also believed to be important for our clients.

 mixingAudioPros will always be developing and looking to improve the visitors experience and services offered. mixingAudioPros will also be searching for new professional audio engineers to join the ranks no matter were they are situated in the world which will allow us to increase the services offered and encompass audio for film, sound to picture, IVR’s, sound design and many more.

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