Lauren Housley – One Step Closer EP

Last summer Lauren Housley contacted Chris Hamilton wanting an old analogue sound but with an up to date element for her latest EP ‘One Step closer’.

Taking inspiration from his eclectic record collection spanning from 1920’s 78’s onwards, he wanted to engineer the EP in a way that limited the choices in the mix. The less mic’s on instruments the more he had to push what he had and get very creative.

Obviously getting an old sound does not just happen by using old mic’s and tape, all the instruments were planned ahead from a 1960’s Ludwig kit to a Rhodes MK1 stage piano. He kept things pretty simple and tried to keep recordings mono as much as possible other than the brass for more impact as well as a few of the BV’s.

“I was almost tempted to mix everything under the 5k frequency and cut all above the 5k but I think that was a step to far for Lauren’s EP (old, old school!). At the end of the day I wanted something that sounded smooth, dynamic and has a few elements that jump out at you the more you listen to it. I think we achieved that” – Chris Hamilton

Check out the results and some footage from the sessions here…

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