Interview with the sound engineer Jake Antelis

mixing Audio Pros: How and when did you start your musical career?

Jake Antelis: I have loved music and sound since I was a kid. I started off playing drums at age 9 which progressed to me playing in a few music bands through high school and recording them ( not very well) with some basic gear I had laying around. As I tinkered with things and learnt what sounded good and what didn’t, I took notes and spent countless hours trying out and experimenting to get the sound that I heard in my head.

My dad is an sound engineer and musician and I have always been surrounded by music and recording studios and have been blessed to pick things up from a lot of awesome and talented sound engineers who were kind enough to let me be a fly on the wall in sessions and observe.

I was and am influenced by the recordings of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd…when I heard those records as a kid the sound (and the songs!) really caught my ear and peeked my interest in all things sound.


mixing Audio Pros: Do you have any particular methods or preferences of note, certain gear for certain sounds?

Jake Antelis: I love working with all types of music. My favorite music is anything with a great melody. From sweet pop to screaming rock. I dig it all. Live, electronic etc..

For me the song is always #1 before any gear or a microphone. The gear is very important as is our ears and something I spend a lot of time fine tuning but without a great song nothing else quite matters. I recommend artists looking to record an album to always write more songs than they plan to record and have mixed. Say for example you are looking to have 10 songs on the record, write 30 songs, demo them out and then pick the best ones outta the bunch. You will end up with an even better record in the end.


mixing Audio Pros: You are obviously adapting to the changes in technology and the music industry in that you are offering online services. How do you feel that the industry is adapting to “‘remote services” such as online mixing and mastering for instance?

Jake Antelis: I think change can be scary and some folks are reluctant to try new things but there are great services around now and it’s great that you can work with someone from another country, have them send you an audio mix in the morning and then send them a mix that night thousands of miles away. Technology is amazing and it is helping lots of music get made and people find the services they are looking for no matter where they are! I see this as the future and more music producers and artists going online for audio mix services.


mixing Audio Pros: What has been your biggest challenge?

Jake Antelis: The biggest challenge for me is to fit all the work I need to do in 7 days a week and 24 hours day, if anyone knows of human clone service please let me know!


mixing Audio Pros: What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

Jake Antelis: Having a love for music has enabled me to have a career doing something that I love. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to help artists bring their songs to life in the world of audio.

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