Heather Peace “Fight For” Remix

In December Jack Guy was approached to rework and Mix a track for well known Artist Heather Peace, http://www.heatherpeace.com. Heather, known mostly for her notable acting career had released her first album Fairytales with well known Producer Nigel Wright in 2012 and was keen for Jack to add his production and pro audio mixing skills.


“I was given a couple of choices by Heather and felt that “Fight For” was a great message and had enough energy in the vocal to really give it a revamp”. Jack explained that once he had selected the track that he wanted to work on, he was sent the original Pro Tools session files as 24bit 48khz from which to start from. “I must say it was perfectly recorded and presented to me”. As many of us in the industry agree this not only makes life easier, but also helps the creative process.


Jack’s first steps were to find the key elements of the song that would possibly “stay or not”. “This for me is a slow process but well worth it! I basically came down to vocals and the bass guitar and then started to programming the drums in BFD2.” Rhythm in this particular track is important for the percussion I used is from Stylus once I had the basic groove established. I also brought in my keyboard player Frederico Demelo and we nutted out the intro hook”. According to Jack, luckily Frederico is a genius player that is inspired and inspiring from the word go. Jack chose a Piano sample from Alecia Keys using Kontact 5 and blended a Rhodes sample underneath. “The Piano changed the feel completely leaving me lots of space to arrange the strings and electric guitars for the chorus”. With the underlying rhythm being so important to the track that he originally felt acoustic rhythm was going to work, but it made the track too bright and was happy that it was not needed. The final big change to the track was speed it up that was easy inside Protools 10.


As far as the mixing went, identifying the key elements that you wish to pronounce within the vision of the mix is easier when you have produced it. Jack decided to go 100% in the box with 32bit files at 48khz. His main choice of weapon was the Steven Slates VCC channels as was his VTM Virtual Tape plugin. As far as the vocals went, Jack wanted to increase the energy and used several different EQ’s and compression to bring out the dynamic and strength in the message when required.


Over all the track took several days to produce and mix (with some days off to rest the ears!) before printing the final master. Jack sent he files to Wired Masters in Tooting Bec, London (http://www.wiredmasters.co.uk/) “who did a great job!”

“I am very happy with the result of Fight For, due to be released on the 11th of March on iTunes, also I am really excited about some other cool projects coming out in 2013.”
We will keep you posted of any more of Jack’s projects coming including a full reviews of his next mixing sessions

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