“Hangovers and Heartbreaks” – The New Black 7 – mixed by Cedrick Courtois

Tory Stoffregen has been writing, touring and recording since he was seventeen and has made himself quite a name over the years. so when Tory, lead singer and guitarist told CedrickCourtois about his most recent band with Drummer BrenttArcement and Guitarist Jason K Herman called The New Black 7 a Country music band with a real true and powerful Rock edge that some of us want to hear but never quite do….. Cedrick obviously asked for the tracks.

“It was back at NAMM 2010 when I asked Tory for the tracks to mix. We knew each other as guitar players, so he was surprised and said ” You’re an engineer??” I had to beg him to send metracks and when he did, we immediately knew it was gonna be a great fit. We’ve been workingtogether ever since.”

And working together ever since is true, following the great success of the first EP release “The Old Becomes New”the band has just released Hangovers and Heartbreaks available on iTunes iTunes.

“Well they were very happy with how the first EP ‘The Old Becomes New’ turned out and whileit is a Country project, all members of the band come from a Rock background and definitelywanted it to show. A ‘big sounding record’ was often mentioned. NB7 is an unconventionalband, so the last thing they/we wanted was a record that sounds conventional for the genre. My main thing was that I wanted the energy that was captured to remain through the mix.We didn’t have too many recalls so I’d average each mix to a good 2 full days if not more.Tory is also part of the Chandler Limited team. Owner, Designer and President Wade Goeke is very involved in the recording process of all NB7 efforts. Needless to say the quality of therecording is never an issue.”

Crazy All Over Me is a full-on example of the Southern Country Rock style that we think is very refreshing and they even made a video as Tory explained.

“We would have made videos for every song if we had that kind of budget! It seems like the best way for an indie band to share their music in this crazy day and age of the music biz and we decided crazy all over me was the first song that we were going to push so that got the first video treatment. We followed it with a video we shot ourselves in Lacrosse, we for a song called fly me to freedon and still have some surprises up our sleeve in the video department before we release the next CD!”

Crazy All Over Me Video

We asked Cedrick who mixed the entire album form his own private studio more about his approach to mixing Crazy All Over Me.

The audio engineer Cedrick Courtois, posing in his recording studio

“I didn’t know then that this was gonna be the single although typically I don’t approach a single any differently thanany other tracks as I give the same amount of detail and attention to every track. “Crazy” is a fun(ny), upbeat , sorta ‘in your face’ kinda track so Iwanted it to sound punchy, but also ‘bouncy’. So while I didn’t use anything different on this track, I did use more 1/8 note delays to add an upbeat rhythm element. I typically start with what I put in thecenter: Kick, bass, snare and lead voc. When I know those interact the way I feel it should, I then buildaround that, focusing on the drums first, bass, then guitars. With the NB7 in general the challenge was that there are a LOT of tracks with different instruments: of course drums, guitars (lots of guitar tracks), bassbut also mandolin, fiddle, banjo, B3, steel guit, piano, percussions (performed by the great JackieBertone), bgv’s…etc. So making sure that there’s a spot in the mix for everything at the right timethroughout the song is a challenge. Lots of riding! I’d like to add that no drum samples where used on the whole record. While I never have a problemusing samples, it wasn’t needed at all. Great drummer + Great Engineering (2 of the tracks where recordedby Ryan Hewitt) + Great gear yields a great result. Everything was a recorded very well so it made my lifeeasy.

Hangovers and Heatbreaks has been a success and The New Black 7 have already started to record their 3rd Album as Cedrick explained:

“These guys play a lot to support their records and have indeed started the recording onthe 3rd album. What I have heard so far sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to start the mixing”

Tory Stoffregen told us more about the recording process with Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited:

“All the guys in The New Black 7 are writing a lot of songs so we get in the studio as much as we can! Luckily Wade Goeke, from Chandler Limited, likes to try out his mew designs on us and use the New Black 7 as Guinea pigs in his studio. It has been a blast so far tracking drums with all of the latest Chandler Limited Toys! We used everything from the Little Devils to TG MicPres and GermaniumMicPres as well! A lot of different flavors! Now getting into the guitars and vocals spending some extra time with different mics and mic placement as well as really exploring all the different Chandler Limited Gear and how it reacts with different things. It has been exciting so far and look forward to passing it onto the skillful hands of Cedrick to do his magic”

You can read more about Cedrick Courtois at mixingAudioPros.com

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